Wikileaks, the classified information publisher led by Julian Assange, is in hot waters over recent plans of exposing the information of verified Twitter users as tweeted by its support account. The database is claimed to develop a metric to understand relationships between the said group of users many of whom are journalists, activists and non-profit organization.

Read on for the three reasons why the WikiLeaks wants to create a database of verified Twitter users.

1. Wikileaks intends to share personal information of verified Twitter users

WikiLeaks Task Force tweeted on Jan. 6 that it wanted to build a database of information about verified Twitter users based on personal information about their families, jobs, financial standing and housing. The tweet was eventually deleted hours later after it received criticisms from a number of Twitter users. 

2. It aims to share relationships between verified users

The organization, in a separate tweet, clarified that it does not plan to expose home addresses and only intends to share the relationships between verified users based on “proximity graphs.” However, the idea caused outrage among concerned users saying such tool would violate the safety of users and their families.

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3. It may want to violate Twitter rules

Even if WikiLeaks are to push through with the database, it is unlikely that they could promote the project on Twitter without its accounts getting suspended. The micro-blogging website has indirectly announced that a massive doxxing would be against its rules.

Twitter has a policy against posting another person’s private information on their platform. It has already said that it will prevent anyone, including government agencies from using its services to create surveillance databases.

The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. Assuming that Verified, the authenticator, follows every user as soon as they are validated with the blue check mark, more than 237,000 users will be affected by the massive doxxing by WikiLeaks.

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Below are some of the tweets about the proposed database by WikiLeaks.

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