A new trailer for the upcoming “Despicable Me 3” has been released and it seems that Gru, will have to deal with another character. With a few months before the theater release of the film, we see the former evil mastermind discover that he has a twin brother named Dru.

“Despicable Me 3” family gets bigger

We have seen Gru learn to love his foster kids, Margo, Edith and Agnes. We have witnessed how he fell in love with his soul mate, Lucy. This time, everyone’s favorite super villain, who works with an army of Minions, will be seen reuniting with his long-lost sibling. After years of separation, he comes face to face with his flamboyant brother for the first time since birth.

Although he is initially excited to meet his brother, he instantly realizes they have nothing in common, apart from their noses and evil lineage. For one, Gru is bald while Dru has a full head of blonde hair that totally annoys him. Gru is also serious and reserved while the other is goofy, which is also nothing but annoying.

“Despicable Me 3” trailer

The previous trailer for the upcoming film introduced the new villain, Balthazar Bratt. Clad in a shoulder-padded purple jumpsuit and a mullet hairstyle, the nemesis is a former ‘80s child star whose career went awry after he hit puberty. He slipped into the shadows and returns with evil plans of executing a full-fledged world denomination, armed with a bubble gum blaster and a weaponized Rubik’s Cube.

The third film in the Despicable Me franchise is directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, co-directed by Eric Guillon and written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. It features the voices of Steve Carell as Gru and Dru, Trey Parker as Balthazar and Kristen Wiig as Lucy.

With the surfacing of his brother, will Gru be tempted to return to his old villainous ways and do one last heist with Dru? We’ll never know until we see the movie when it arrives in theaters on June 30.

Watch the trailers of the Minion-packed movie below:

Despicable Me 3 - In Theaters June 30 - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

Despicable Me 3 - Official Trailer - In Theaters Summer 2017 (HD)

Source: YouTube/Illumination

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