Uber’s self-driving car program is off to a rough start as reports of accidents involving the autonomous taxis pile up even while on its trial phase. Witnesses claim that the company’s new technology has gone berserk in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a fleet of it was being tested.

Uber self-driving cars disobey traffic signs

According to witnesses speaking with Quartz, Uber’s self-driving Ford Fusions have gotten into accidents and disobeyed traffic signs while being tested. Uber driver, Nathan Stachelek, reported seeing a self-driving car going in the wrong direction before its operator had to take over and drive away. However, Stachelek could not tell whether the driver or the car was at fault. The witness was able to cover the incident and uploaded it to Facebook.

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Two days earlier, an incident has already been reported by another Uber driver who asked only to be referred to as Jason. He claimed that he, along with his two passengers encountered a self-driving Uber car was being pulled over having been in an accident.

How does self-driving Uber car testing works

A hybrid Ford Fusion marked with an Uber logo is being used for mapping data around Pittsburgh and testing its autopliot capabilities on public streets. It is equipped with a variety of sensor, radars, and high-resolution cameras to ensure the efficiency of the feature. Although autonomous, a trained driver is inside the car to monitor the vehicle’s performance for the duration of the trial.

Uber, which is the world’s most valuable startup, is the first to market driverless car technology. The company launched its self driving cars at a media event in Pittsburgh in mid-September in attempt to eliminate big costs from hiring drivers. Aside from Uber, Google Inc. and Tesla have their own versions of the autonomous cars which have also been both involved into accidents.

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Although it can be surmised that the technology is not yet ready to enter the market, it is already feared that the latest innovation could cost more jobs than it is going to generate.

WATCH: Uber Passengers Testing Self-Driving Cars

Source: YouTube/Associated Press

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