Uber, the worldwide online transportation network company based in San Francisco, California, has come up with a tool called Movement. This tool aims to help solve the daily traffic dilemma eventually. Read on to learn more about it.

For Uber, the goal has always been to help make cities more efficient, cleaner and less crowded. For some time now, this company has been servicing as much as 45 cities throughout the world. 

And since its service is available 24/7, the company is able to readily compare the travel conditions across different roads during various times of the day and specific days or weeks of the month. Moreover, it is also able to see the impact of big events and road closures in the city. This is what gave them the idea to aggregate all the data and come up with a traffic tool using more than two billion trips the company has made around the world.

Uber Movement

Uber calls this new tool Movement. It is actually a website that allows just about anyone to see traffic patterns in their city over time. For Uber, the main goal of Movement is to assist urban planners around the world in making the most informed decisions possible when it comes to future infrastructure investments. This is why Movement has features such as Traffic Analysis Zones and Census Tracts. 

At the same time, Uber also hopes that city officials can gain historical insight through movement and allow them to measure the impact of major events, road improvements, new transit lines, etc.

Uber has already been studying traffic patterns in Metro Manila for some time now, particularly during the holiday season of 2015. According to Uber Movement, its data revealed that the travel times between Timog and Makati Central Business District (CBD) during the holiday season increased, along with the traffic volume. At the same time, the traffic tool also found that travel time to and from various shopping destinations was slower during the holidays. This is especially true around Makati CBD, Ortigas Center and North Avenue.

Uber says it will continue to analyze Manila, while also working on Melbourne and Washington D.C. during Movement's early days. 

"We hope Uber Movement can play a role in helping our cities grow in a way that works for everyone," Uber explained in its official website.

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