Dr. Miguel "Mikko" F. Manalastas, 27, is a new medical doctor from the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (AMPH) who has become viral at the start of the month for helping a mother deliver a beautiful baby girl in a backseat of a car.

Manalastas just passed the medical board exam and only got his medical license number two days before the emergency delivery.

Here are some important lessons from Dr. Mikko Manalastas' experience in delivering a baby girl in a car.

1.    Be ready to help.

Manalastas narrated in his Facebook (FB) post that he was going out for a seminar when he accidentally met a couple in a condominium elevator in Pasig. The father was very anxious while the crying mother was already in labor.

"I froze for a moment," Manalastas wrote on FB. "Then, I immediately pressed the alarm button in the elevator to inform them that there was a mother in labor and that we needed assistance."

"I dropped my bags and went up to them and introduced myself," he narrated. Before he could finish introducing himself, they already learned that he was a medical doctor and Manalastas had no second thoughts on helping them.

2.   Stay calm and focus.

Manalastas instructed the father to get his car while he accompanied his wife. While waiting, he assured the mother that everything will be okay. He told the mother to focus on her breathing and refrain from bearing down.

“As soon as her husband arrived, we carried her to the backseat of their car. Before they headed out, I asked if I could check the mother. And as soon as I looked, the baby's head was already crowning!” he added. The mother couldn’t refrain from pushing because of pain and strong contractions.

3. Be resourceful and consider traffic.

The couple was supposed to go to a private hospital but Manalastas being fully aware of the traffic situation, made a call to deliver the baby in the car's backseat. He just improvised using materials on hand. He used his clean and unused bath towel, wet wipes and the mother’s hair clips.

Manalastas described the mother as strong and very brave. The mother listened to his instructions and with just a few good pushes, the baby's head popped out. The baby was delivered successfully. After the delivery, condominium personnel came in and gave him sterile gloves and bandage scissors.

4.   Follow up and aftercare.

Manalastas didn’t forget to exchange contact details with the couple and instructed them to go to the hospital. After three hours, the couple sent him a message of appreciation and a picture of the baby girl.

“You are beautiful Baby Gabriela Ann! It was an honor to deliver such a precious gift from God. Thank you for reminding why I became a doctor - and just how toxic I really am,” he ended his post. 

Manalastas' act of kindness was well appreciated by many people. As of this writing, his FB post has reached 3,784 shares, with more than 34,0000 likes and 1,000 comments. He also appeared as a guest in GMA Channel 7's morning TV show “Unang Hirit” on Tuesday.  Some people have called him "Doc Viral" while others dubbed him as “MacGyver” doctor. Manalastas is also a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) graduate.

What do you think of  Dr. Mikko Manalastas’ noteworthy act of kindness? What would you do if you encounter the same situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.