Tinder has gone one step further as a powerful platform for women as they launch a new social media campaign that will raise funds for them. The dating app introduces #FundHerCause program in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

Here are three ways how Tinder is helping empower women and how one can participate:

1. Tinder helps empower women by becoming more than just a dating app

More than just a dating app, Tinder serves as a powerful platform for women since they can actively take charge in deciding who to date. They can deny and accept connections as they deem fit. After all, women have the right to be on the look for finding the right one as much as men do.

With its campaign, Tinder is further standing with women by supporting sisterhood organizations around the globe. More than that, it also encourages people to show their support as well.

2. It invites everyone to support #FundHerCampaign

In partnership with Pledgling.com, Tinder has selected 12 organizations with different causes, in which people can choose from. These include Planned Parenthood, Women for Women, Girls Who Code, UN Women, She Lift She's the First, Partners in Health, Tostan, Baby2Baby, Beck's Fund, Grameen America and Girls Not Brides.

The program invites everyone to support women by choosing a cause and tweet @Tinder with the hashtag #FundHerCause, along with the reason why they support their work. Tinder will then send the user a code that will unlock a $100 (P5,042) donation that will be donated to the chosen charity.

3. It will donate up to $250,000 in total

The dating app is donating up to $250,00 (P12.6 million) in total which is 2,500 tweets’ worth of donations. As of this posting, there already over 5,000 Twitter users tweeting about #FundHerCause and Tinder will only select winning tweets from the pool of entries. However, what their standards in selecting remain uncertain.

Start tweeting to donate and empower women, and help Tinder support sisterhood. For more details, log on to tinder.fund to view the official rules.

What do you think of Tinder’s #FundHerCampaign? Let us know in the comments section below.

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