Qatar Airways has recently completed a flight from Qatar all the way to Auckland New Zealand. It's a flight that is supposed to take as much as 17.45 hours to complete, making it the longest one in the world. 

The Qatar Airways flight left Doha at 5:10 am on Feb. 5. According to a report from the New Zealand Herald, the flight ended up landing 15 minutes early when it touched down at the Auckland Airport on the morning of Feb. 6. It crossed 10 time zones and traveled an impressive 9,032 miles. 

The record for the world's longest flight may have been previously held by Air India which flies passengers from New Delhi To San Francisco. However, if the so-called "Great Circle" route is put into consideration, there's a greater distance between Doha and Auckland. Furthermore, the flight from New Delhi to San Francisco is actually less than 17 hours. 

Flight was made possible by a Boeing 777

To make Qatar Airways' world's longest flight possible, the airline is servicing the route with Boeing 777-200LR. From the very beginning, it is an aircraft designed to go the distance. In fact, back in 2005, the Boeing 777-200LR set a new world record for distance traveled nonstop by a commercial plane when it flew 21,601 kilometers from Hong Kong to London. The flight had taken 22 hours and 42 minutes. In 2006, a Boeing 777-200LR also flew nonstop from London to Sydney. This particular flight took 19.5 hours in the air.

It takes a lot to keep passengers comfy during extra long flight

With the flight taking a long time, passengers on board the Qatar Airways to Auckland had to be kept comfortable as they relaxed in the airline's 217 Economy Class seats and 42 Business Class seats. Along with four pilots, servicing everyone onboard were 15 cabin crew members. Throughout the flight, they served more than 1,036 meals, 2,000 various cold drinks and 1,100 cups of both coffee and tea. This also meant that the flight carried as much 400 kilograms (kg) of food and catering equipment, which is just about as heavy as 5,263 pieces of kiwifruits. 

Qatar Airways will service Doha-New Zealand route regularly

Following its successful maiden flight to Auckland, Qatar Airways announced that it will now regularly service passengers between Auckland and Doha daily. Departure from Auckland will be at 2:40 pm and expected arrival in Doha will be at 10:10 pm. Meanwhile, the flight will depart from Doha at 2:50 am and will arrive the next day in Auckland at 5:00 AM. 

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