Anything pastel seems to be the trend for 2017. This summer, there is a number of light-colored sneakers that will keep you look fresh even under the heat. Take note, these shoes are not your ordinary pairs as they come from your favorite fashion and shoe brands.

We have rounded up six pastel sneakers that every girl will go crazy for. Check them out:

Zalora Lace-Up Sneakers

Zalora lace-up sneakers. Zalora

Incorporate a hint of urban cool into your summer ensemble with this Zalora sneaker in beige. For P1,499, the sneaker, with the uppers made of faux letter with stitched panels, will also work for a sporty appeal. Now, you won’t have to limit your purchase for the summer alone!

Bershka Single-Colored Lace-Up Sneakers

Bershka single-colored lace-up sneakers. Bershka

Consider your new sneaker problem handled with the single-colored lace-up sneakers from Bershka. The shoes, which also comes in yellow, will surely give you the freshest look come summer. A pair retails for P1,990. Log on to their website as there are more pastel sneakers you might want to consider.

Keds Pastel Collection

Keds pastel-perfect sneaker collection. Facebook/Keds

Keds has got you a solution if ever you’re torn between choosing the perfect pastel or going for the best price because its new pastel-perfect sneaker collection is the best of both worlds. The 15-piece collection features Keds classic silhouettes in light dreamy hues from Pale Peach, Light Blue and Light Grey. The sneakers retail from P2,495 to P3,590.

H&M Sneakers

H&M sneakers. H&M

You’ll never know you can wear faux leather and still look cool until you see the P999 sneakers from H&M. The sneaker has a canvas lining, canvas insoles and rubber soles, with a lacing at front and a loop at the rear. It comes in white, powder pink, silver and copper colors.

Mango Stitched Sneakers

Mango stitched sneakers. Mango

Sneakers are never going out of style and so this stitched sneakers from Mango. The lace-up shoes come with a decorative backstitching in a 3 cm platform heel. It retails for P2,295 but if you subscribe to Mango’s newsletter, you’ll not only be the first to know about its new arrivals, but you will also avail a 10 percent discount on your purchase.

Superga 2750 Leasnake Ivory Pink

Superga 2750 Leasnake Ivory Pink. Facebook/Superga

If any of these does not fit your style, you might also want to consider the Superga 2750 Leasnake Ivory Pink. For P3,950, it is probably the most elegant pastel sneakers you will ever see.

Check out other pastel sneakers available today:

What do you think of the pastel sneakers you can cop this summer? Which is the one you are eyeing most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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