Philippine Airlines (PSE: PAL) will offer eight new domestic routes from Clark and Cebu in the first quarter of 2017. Read on to know more about PAL's new domestic flights.

PAL's Eight New Domestic Flights


1. Clark to Cebu

PAL  began operating non-stop flights between Clark and Cebu on Jan. 30. The four times weekly flights will be available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. PR837 was scheduled to depart Clark at 7 am and to arrive in Cebu at 8:15 am. On the other hand, PR838 was scheduled to leave Cebu at 8:55 am and to arrive in Clark at 10:10 am.

2. Clark to Davao

Clark and Davao will also have thrice a week flights during  Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The flights will start on Feb. 1.

3. Clark to Puerto Princesa

On March 26, the PAL Clark hub begins its thrice a week flights on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to and from Puerto Princesa. PR877 will leave Clark at 10:50 am and is expected to arrive in Puerto Princesa at 12:20 pm. On the other hand, PR 878 will leave Puerto Princesa at 1 pm and will arrive in Clark at 2:30 pm.

4. Clark to Coron (Busuanga) 

Clark to Coron daily flights will start on March 26. 

5. Cebu to Puerto Princesa

Cebu to Puerto Princesa flights will happen four times a week. The domestic flights will start on March 26. 

6. Cebu to General Santos

Cebu to General Santos flights will also start thrice a week flights on March 26.

7. Cebu to Surigao

Cebu to Surigao flights will be available thrice a week beginning March 26. 

8. Cebu to Coron (Busuanga)

Cebu to Coron daily flights will start on March 26. 

“We aim to cater to the flight needs of Northern Metro Manila, Central and Northern Luzon residents. Now, they will be able to experience the convenience of easy travel from their homes to the Clark Airport. Travelers from abroad and domestic outlying stations may fly to Clark and journey on to popular travel spots in the Luzon area”, PAL President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Jaime Bautista said in the company's news statement. 

PAL also stated that its passengers will experience the airline's distinct brand of heartfelt service on board each and every PAL flight. The airline also offers free baggage allowance and free snacks for domestic flights and hot meals for international flights.

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