Rumors are circulating that a new actress will take on the huge role of “Darna” in 2016. A new teaser featured the titular character arriving in the midst of a volcanic eruption, although her identity remained a mystery.

In an interview with, director Erik Matti teased some details about the upcoming movie by Star Cinema and Reality Entertainment.

Matti said that they wanted to get the attention of viewers through the teaser, which has started showing in various Philippine theaters. Since it is election year, they aimed to create a clip that would give the viewers the initial impression that it was all politics-related. Later on, they would discover that it was actually a superhero film. They found it “strategic” to link Darna with being a Filipino. He added that it has been 22 years since the last Darna movie.

"We want to revive not just the people who knows Darna but also with the people who will know Darna for the first time,” Matti tells PEP.

Journal also reports that Angel Locsin remained the top choice among viewers to play the characters. Others in the running include Liza Soberano, KC Concepcion, Jessy Mendiola, Nadine Lustre, Sarah Lahbati, and Sarah Geronimo. However, producers will have to look for an alternative because Locsin has already withdrawn participation due to her back ailment. She revealed here injury in an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda on “Tonight With Boy Abunda.” The director assured fans that they will proceed with the movie launch despite the actress’s absence.

Matti shares that there will be significant changes to the plot and portrayal of the new Darna, but refused to provide specifics. He posted a photo on Instagram of a hooded woman but refused to reveal her name. He added that whoever replaces Locsin will have to audition, since Locsin left a powerful impression when she starred as the superheroine. The next one to play Darna will have the huge task of portraying Narda, as well.

The director said that the decision as to who would play Darna next would depend on ABS-CBN, since it is a huge franchise and investment. He said that it would be ABS-CBN, Star Cinema, Malou Santos, Director Olive Lamasan and Charo Santos Concio who would make the final call. He also said that they are still developing the script at the moment.

Matti teased that “Darna” will hopefully launch during the election period in May 2016.

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Source: YouTube/ABS-CBN News