"NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 starring Chris O'Donnell (NCIS Special Agent G. Callen), Linda Hunt (Henrietta "Hetty" Lange) and LL COOL J (NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna), will have an upcoming episode titled "Golden Days." The episode will once again feature Hetty's Vietnam War colleagues. Read on for the latest "NCIS Los Angeles" episode guide.

Spoiler Alert: This update contains more "NCIS Los Angeles" spoilers. Read on at your own risk.

In the "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8, "Golden Days" episode,  there will be a gold heist and Callen's team must work again with Hetty's colleagues from the Vietnam War. This includes Retired Captain Charles Langston (Carl Lumbly), Retired Admiral AJ Chegwidden (John M. Jackson) and Admiral Sterling Bridges (James Remar).

"NCIS LA" cast 2017

The rest of the "NCIS Los Angeles" cast including Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Detective Marty Deeks), Barrett Foa (Tech Operator Eric Beale), Renée Felice Smith (NCIS Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones) and Daniela Ruah (NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye), will also appear in the show's 22nd episode.

Ruba Nadda directed "Golden Days," which was written by Lee A. Carlisle and Joseph C. Wilson. Guri Weinberg will also be a guest star in this episode, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). He will play the character Yaniv.

"NCIS Los Angeles" episodes: "From Havana with Love" and "Battle Scars"

"Golden Days" comes after the episodes "Battle Scars" and "From Havana with Love." "Battle Scars" features the first meeting and eventual team-up of Callen's team and Hetty's Vietnam War colleagues. They had to help solve the case of a kidnapped Veterans Affairs administrator who has been suspiciously transferring funds. 

On the other hand, "From Havana with Love" showcased Kensi's dancing skills when she had to go undercover as a dancer in a Cuban club. The rest of the team investigated a Navy contractor suspected of selling state secrets. Her husband claims that she is really guilty that's why Callen and Sam check it out and see if he's lying or not.

"Golden Days" will air on April 30. "NCIS LA" airs every Sunday from 8-9 pm ET/PT on the CBS TV Network.

What do you think of the "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8, "Golden Days" episode? Do you think that the team should partner again with Hetty’s ex-colleagues from the Vietnam War for another investigation? What do you think will happen at the gold heist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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