You know it could happen. After all, "NCIS," MacGyver" and "Hawaii Five-0" are all hit shows from the CBS network. For starters, Peter Lenkov, the brilliant showrunner for both "MacGyver" and "Hawaii Five-0," has said he hasn't gotten tired of doing crossover episodes and plans to work on more. At the same time, it seems that crossover episodes are one those things that he just loves to do. 

Three-way would be 'supercool'

The truth, Lenkov still can't forget that time that he was serving as an executive producer for "CSI: NY" and got to work on a crossover between three shows. This is exactly why the idea of doing a crossover between his two shows and "NCIS" is more than appealing to him. " We did a three-way crossover between all of the CSIs, and that was one of my favorite experiences, to see these iconic characters working together. So yeah, that would be supercool," TV Line reported Lenkov as saying during a recent interview. 

In the past, Lenkov has worked on having some of "NCIS: Los Angeles" most notable characters crossover into the world of "Hawaii Five-0." This collaboration also took a step further when Daniela Ruah's Kensi Blye appeared briefly in an episode of "Hawaii Five-0 when Joe needed help in analyzing video footage using Kensi's lip reading skills. Indeed, the possibility of having Steve McGarrett and his team working with Gibbs' team is more than plausible. 

Lenkov previews upcoming action between MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0

While we are waiting for news that this is actually happening, you can enjoy the upcoming crossover between "Hawaii Five-0" and "MacGyver." The action will kick off in "MacGyver" when Lucas Till's character and his team decide to make their way to Hawaii to help with an earthquake relief effort while they are flying over the pacific. As  they work with Chin and Kono to rescue a group of trapped government scientists, it also becomes clear that there are some nefarious types plotting to steal a top-secret weaponry from the compromised lab. 

Lenkov said that as they work together, Chin and Kono become "a little skeptical of MacGyver, with the nontraditional ways he’s going about the rescue effort." "But I think he wins them over after a while," Lenkov added. 

While working on the crossover, Lenkov said that schedule issues with "Hawaii Five-0" ended up determining who among the cast members would get to participate in the crossover episode. In the future, Lenkov is hopeful that there will be more chances for MacGyver and McGarett to interact. 

"MacGyver" and "Hawaii Five-0" both air on Fridays.

What do you think of the possibility of "NCIS" taking part in a crossover with "Hawaii Five-0" and "MacGyver"? Let us know in the comments section below.

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