Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corp. (MMPC) has contacted a third party to help resolve the so-called "sudden unitended acceleration" controversy revolving around Montero Sport vehicles, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. The Department of Trade and Industry is already considering MMPC’s proposal.

MMPC rejects the recall being proposed by some parties, because the Montero Sports sold in all of Southeast Asia are all made in Thailand and there are no cases of "SUA" in other countries, Froilan Dytianquin, first vice president of MMPC, said in a statement.  

Dytianguin said MMPC received 97 complaints of SUA in Montero Sport vehicles over the past four years but Mitsubishi Japan found no possible cause of this in the cars, Dytianguin said. Some complainants remain unconvinced, asking for a recall.

“A recall order is issued when a defect has been found. If there is none, there is nothing to check and correct,” he said. “At this point, we believe such a recall order is not called for, and what would its basis be?”

Dytianquin earlier clarified that the potential causes of the alleged SUA cases, such as pedal entrapment, pedal misapplication, mechanical or electronic failure, and sticky accelerator pedal, cannot occur because of the safety features installed in the units.

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