The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), along with the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (I-ACT), announced on Thursday that it will strictly implement the motorcycle lane policy along EDSA, C-5, Macapagal Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue.  MMDA said the strict implementation will start on Monday, Nov. 14.

Here are three fast facts about MMDA’s strict implementation of exclusive motorcycle lane in the Metro.

1. MMDA said that the agency along with the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF) will conduct dry-runs of the strict implementation on Saturday and Sunday.

During the dry-runs, motorists will be inspected if they wear the proper gear such as such as crash helmet, long pants, and shoes. The MMDA personnel will also be checking the mandatory switching on of headlights even during daytime.

They will also be flagging down motorcycles which do not have signal lights and side-mirrors.

“Together, we’ll call upon erring motorcycle riders. We will not apprehend them yet, we will just inform them of their violation” The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos, as saying. He added that enforcement will start on Monday and violators will have to face consequences.

In 2012, the “blue lane” or the fourth lane from the sidewalk was since assigned as the Edsa motorcycle lane. Motorists who will violate by straying away from the blue lane will face a P500 fine.

2. Orbos said strictly enforcing the motorcycle lane will ease the traffic situation on the roads. It is also expected to reduce the number of fatal accidents involving the motorbikes.

MMDA said that there had already been 18,668 motorcycle-related accidents in the metropolis, 238 of which resulted to deaths. “Our objective here is not only to move people faster but also make sure they reach their destinations safely,” Orbos said.

3. MMDA said that it was agreed that MCPF would work with the MMDA in conducting free seminars to orient motorists on road safety and traffic rules.

MCPF director Atoy Sta. Cruz confirmed the organization’s participation to the campaign of ensuring safety among motorcycle riders. “We invited them precisely to discuss how to solve the problem on traffic. They [riders] are important because next to private vehicles, they are the second biggest,” Orbos said.

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