The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said plans are afoot to file charges against motorists who illegally park their vehicles on secondary roads. The agency is also looking into penalizing commuters who cause traffic buildup.

MMDA files charges vs motorists

MMDA officer in charge Tim Orbos said that aside from motorists, the agency is also considering the filing of charges against barangay officials who allow illegal parking of vehicles, TV5 InterAksyon reported.

Orbos cited other options being considered including putting the violator’s name in a watch list that will be submitted to the Land Transportation Office (LTO); and to charge the lawbreaker on per kilometer basis, from the area it was towed  to the impounding area, besides the P500 penalty.

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 "We will file a case besides giving you a citation ticket. If you will not redeem your ticket, then we will have to file a case," Orbos was quoted as saying.

He also dismissed the idea of towing as an immediate punishment to violators as it takes time, resources and space which then also becomes an obstruction of traffic flow.

MMDA to penalize commuters

In addition, the MMDA chief also disclosed plans of apprehending and penalizing commuters who flag down and board public buses in the middle of the road, Malaya reported.

Orbos noted many passengers who hail buses in the mid-road during rush hours add up to traffic congestion. He also said the agency will strictly implement the closed-door policy which mandates buses to keep their doors closed outside loading and unloading zones.

The agency had earlier considered rerouting student drivers and funeral convoys from major thoroughfares to village and secondary roads respectively. Violators to the rule will be issued traffic violation tickets for road obstruction.

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Meanwhile, check out the latest traffic advisories from MMDA on Twitter.

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