The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced on Thursday that medical doctors responding to emergency cases will be exempted from the number coding scheme. This is in line with the MMDA's recognition of the importance of emergencies not being hampered by the coding scheme. Read on to learn more about it.

Three Fast Facts About The MMDA's Decision To Exempt Doctors From The Number Coding Scheme:

1. Doctors must be present in their vehicles to actually be exempted from the MMDA's number coding scheme.

According to the new MMDA Memorandum Circular Number 3 series of 2011 Section 5(k), doctors should be in their automobiles in order to be qualified for the exemption from the expanded Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) traffic scheme. This means that their family members or friends cannot use their cars in order to bypass the coding scheme. 

2. They can only be exempted if they are responding to emergency cases.

The exemption from MMDA's number coding scheme is only applicable for emergency cases. MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said in a statement that the agency is optimistic that doctors will not abuse the new rule. Aside from that, he is confident and hopeful that they will be conscientious with this privilege.

3. Medical doctors only need to show their updated Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) identification (ID) card if they are flagged down.

Medical doctors that are responding to emergency cases don't need to apply for an exemption from the number coding scheme. They just need to show an updated PRC ID card if they are flagged down for MMDA's traffic reduction scheme.

The MMDA used to require doctors to submit a certification from their primary hospital in order to be exempted from the number coding scheme. Orbos noted that the new guideline shows that the agency recognizes emergencies shouldn't be delayed.

MMDA number coding: Expanded UVVRP

Vehicles are prohibited on major thoroughfares in Metro Manila on certain days depending on their license plates' last number. On Monday, vehicles with plate numbers that end in one and two are banned from traveling. Every Tuesday, those with automobile plate numbers ending in three and four are not allowed on the roads.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, vehicles' plate numbers that end in five and six are prohibited from the streets. As for automobiles with plate numbers ending in seven and eight, they cannot travel on Thursdays. Lastly, for those with plate numbers that end in nine and zero, they are banned on Fridays.

No Window Hours

The expanded UVVRP also implemented the No Window Hours policy, as well as the extension of the number coding scheme's coverage to all radial and circumferential roads in Metro Manila. Aside from this, the MMDA also extended the ban's effectivity time from the previous schedule of 7 am-7 pm to 7 am-8 pm. In the past, the window hours used to be from 10 am-3 pm.

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