The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has put on hold the issuance of the number coding exemption certificates over the weekend. This is to give way to the review of the number coding scheme or the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP). Read on to learn more about it.


In the UVVRP,  vehicles with license plates ending in one and two are banned on the road on Monday. On the other hand, those with license plates ending in three and four are prohibited every Tuesday. Vehicles with license plates ending in five and six are not allowed on the road every Wednesday.

Meanwhile, vehicles with license plates ending in seven and eight are banned every Thursday while vehicles with license plates ending in nine and zero are not permitted on the road on Friday. Under UWRP, media personnel using their private vehicles for work, medical practitioners using vehicles during emergency cases and vehicle owners transporting persons in need of immediate medical attention can apply for the exemptions. However, emergency vehicles, government service and diplomatic vehicles are automatically exempted.

Granting of Exemptions

MMDA officer-in-charge and General Manager Tim Orbos explained that granting of exemptions “might defeat the purpose” of the number coding scheme. MMDA said that applications from private motorists for the exemptions have a sudden increase in 2016.

“Those with pending applications have to be put on hold as policies have to be reviewed under the UVVRP. Giving exemption certificates might defeat the purpose of reducing the number of vehicles on the roads,” Tempo reported MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago.

'No Window Hours' Policy's Extension 

Meanwhile, MMDA extended the implementation of the no window hours policy for number coding scheme for six months or from Feb. 1 to July 31, 2017. The policy was implemented on Nov. 2, 2016 and set to expire on Jan. 31. 

What do you think of MMDA's holding of the number coding exemption certificate issuance? How about the extension of no window hours policy? Let us know in comments section below.

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