After becoming the latest celebrity victim of death hoax, Miley Cyrus simply laughed off the claims that she was found dead in her bathtub on Monday. "The Voice" Season 11 coach also shared a piece of advice to make the false death alarm more clever next time anyone tries to pull it off again.

Miley Cyrus reacted like a good sport over death hoax

The 23-year old singer, far from getting angry about the fake death claims, dealt with the rumors by simply laughing it off.

“Miley thinks that it is hilarious that she is the latest celebrity to be caught in the death hoax,” HollywoodLife​ reported a source, whose name was not disclosed, as saying.

“When it happens again, she hopes the people who make the hoax think of a more clever way on the reason for her demise,” the source added, noting that the bathtub reason was pretty weak for Cyrus’ morbid sense of humor.

Miley Cyrus death hoax

The Miley Cyrus death hoax report was announced by Now8News which claimed that Cyrus was found dead in a bathtub inside her Hollywood home. The claims even pointed out that authorities were trying to determine the cause of death, making it clear that there were no signs of foul play.

However, fans who have stalked Cyrus’ social media accounts know that the songstress is alive and well as she has already posted updates on her official Instagram account. These have proven that Cyrus is doing just fine and fans have nothing to worry about. The singer/actress was even seen going out for dinner with beau Liam Hemsworth at Nobu in Malibu California on the same day the rumors popped up online.

Miley Cyrus is the new "The Voice" Season 11 coach

The 11th season of American reality talent show “The Voice” debuted Miley Cyrus and fellow singer Alicia Keys as new voice coaches. The female singers will join veteran coaches Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine and singer Blake Shelton to sit in the panel’s big red chairs which will only bring the competition to a whole new level. “The Voice” Season 11 will premiere on Sept. 19 on NBC.

Below are some of the fans’ reactions on Miley Cyrus’ death hoax.

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Source: YouTube/The Voice

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