The heat index, which is the combination of temperature and relative humidity in Metro Manila, reached a sweltering 39.1 degrees Celsius on Sunday, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said.

According to the state weather bureau, the 39.1 degrees Celsius heat index was recorded at Quezon City’s (QC) Science Garden between 1-2 pm (13:00 and 14:00). The temperature in the same area, which reached 37.4 degrees Celsius, was also the hottest one ever recorded in the metropolis since the start of the dry season in March. Meanwhile, the humidity in QC reached 32 degrees Celsius.

Heat Index Forecast For Metro Manila This Week (April 18-22)

Monday: 39.6 degrees Celsius

Tuesday : 39 degrees Celsius

Wednesday: 38.9 degrees Celsius

Thursday: 39.4 degrees Celsius

Friday: 38.9 degrees Celsius

Metro Davao is expected to have a high heat index on Monday at 38.8 degrees Celsius, As for Metro Cebu, PAGASA said that it might reach a heat index of 38.5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Tuguegarao is expected to reach a heat index of 41.2 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

PAGASA warned residents of areas with a heat index record between 32-41 degrees Celsius to exercise extreme caution during these times because heat exhaustion and heat cramps are possible. Also, continuing rigorous activities could result to heat stroke.

Heat Index is the human discomfort index, which is what humans feel as the temperature affecting their body. It is a combination of air temperature and relative humidity. The heat index can increase by 9 degrees Celsius if one is fully exposed to sunshine.