Maynilad Water Services, Inc.'s latest water service interruption which started on Tuesday, March 28 at 10 pm, currently affects 87 barangays in Parañaque, Las Piñas and Pasay City. Water supply will be interrupted in specific areas until 4 pm and 8 pm on Wednesday, March 29 due to the water services provider's maintenance works at a pumping station in Pasay City. Read on to learn more about it.

Maynilad Water Interruption 2017

According to Maynilad’s post on its official Facebook (FB) account, the water service interruption in Las Piñas City barangays will last up to 4 pm on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the water supply in the affected areas of Pasay City and Parañaque City will be cut off until 8 pm, also on Wednesday.

Las Piñas Water service interruption

The affected Las Piñas City barangays include Elias Aldana, Playa, Manuyo Uno and Manuyo Dos. The barangays of BF International Village (CAA) and Daniel Fajardo are also experiencing water interruption.

Maynilad Paranaque area

Parañaque City wasn't spared from the water service interruption of Maynilad. The supply of water in the barangays of Baclaran, BF Homes, Don Galo, La Huerta and Moonwalk will be cut off temporarily. Aside from these areas, the barangays of Sto. Niño, Tambo, San Isidro, Vitalez and San Dionisio are also affected.

Pasay City

The barangays that are affected in Pasay include the following: Barangay 10-13, Barangay 24-32, Barangay 38-40, Barangay 76-79, Barangay 145-179, Barangay 181 and Barangay 183-199.

Santa Cruz and Sampaloc Barangays

Aside from Parañaque, Las Piñas and Pasay, some barangays in Santa Cruz and Sampaloc, Manila also experienced low water pressure and water supply interruption from 11 pm on Monday, March 27 to 10 am on Tuesday, March 28.

Maynilad Advisory

Maynilad says that there may be a delay in the resumption of water service in some areas due to certain factors such as the distance from the water service provider’s pumping stations and the areas’ elevation. The volume of withdrawal from Maynilad’s mainlines and distribution systems will also affect the water service resumption schedule. In line with this, affected customers are advised to collect enough water in containers until water service has resumed in their area.

Twitter reactions about the latest Maynilad water supply interruption:

"@maynilad @SouthSnippets thanks for not letting us know... ur really doing ur job really well!!!" Jay Parker (@jayparkerdxb) tweeted.

"@erickacayton @maynilad @SouthSnippets Mars... paligo!!!!!!" Carla May Francisco (@cmfrancisco) posted on Twitter.

"@maynilad @SouthSnippets pwede po ba kahit low water pressure? Pls mga bes huhu" maryantonette (@ntnttx) asked.

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