The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) approved two petitions for fare increases on Monday. The regulatory board granted a one-peso fare increase to jeepneys while reverting back the P40 taxi flag-down rate. Read on to know more about it.

Three Fast Facts On LTFRB's Approval Of The Jeepney And Taxi Fare Increases:


1. The minimum jeepney fare will increase from P7 to P8.

The increase is effective for all jeepneys operating in National Capital Region (NCR), Region III and Region IV. LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra emphasized that the fare for the succeeding kilometers would still remain at P1.50.

2. The P40 taxi flag-down rate is back.

The LTFRB also decided to revert the P40 taxi flag-down rate in Metro Manila, Cebu and Panay. The approval is based on the rising prices of diesel and cost of goods. In March 2015, the flag-down rate was reduced to P30.

“At the earliest, it may be signed on Feb. 8. After the signing, it will be published in a national newspaper of general circulation. Only then will the order take effect,” SunStar Cebu reported LTFRB 7 Director Ahmed Cuizon as saying. The Philippine Taxi Operators Association (PTOA) filed the petition.

3. The petition for the jeepney fare hike is filed in 2016.

The jeepney transport groups filed the fare increase petition in 2016. Among the transport groups were the Alliance of Concerned Transport Organization (ACTO), Pasang Masda, Federation of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (FEJODAP), Alliance of Transport Operators and Drivers Association of the Philippines (ALTODAP) and the Land Transportation Organization of the Philippines (LTOP). 

Moreover, LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said that the fare increase could take effect the latest on Thursday following the publication of the order. Lizada explained that the order could be implemented immediately without waiting for 15 days after publication because it is not an administrative policy but part of the quasi-judicial functions of LTFRB.

Meanwhile, some transport groups went on strike on Monday to show protest on the planned phase-out of the dilapidated jeepneys. The classes and office of some universities and government offices in Metro Manila were suspended in the afternoon. To help the commuters, the government provided 85 government vehicles, 50 motorcycles and two vessels for free transportation while 100 private buses charged minimal fares.

What do you think of the LTFRB's approval of the jeepney fare hike? How about the reverting of the P40 taxi flag-down rate? Let us know in the comments section below.