Google announced on May 25 it will set up a facility that will utilize self-driving technology in Novi, Michigan, a suburb outside of Detroit.

The tech giant said the facility will begin moving within the year in Michigan. It will cover a space of 53, 000 square feet (0.0019 square miles).

John Krafcik, CEO of Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, said the Novi development center will serve as a facility for Google to work alongside a number of automotive industry partners.

"For the past few years, members of our team have been working from the Greater Detroit area. Now it’s time to lay down roots: we’re establishing a self-driving technology development center in Novi," Krafcik said in his  Google+ post today.

"Many of our current partners are based here, so having a local facility will help us collaborate more easily and access Michigan's top talent in vehicle development and engineering. Krafcik added.

It was earlier announced that Google will begin working on their self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans as part of its partnership with Fiat Chrysler once the company has moved in to the new facility.

The deal includes the development and building of 100 minivans that will accommodate the new self-driving development from Google.

Google has already been working with self-driving technology since 2009.The project is headed by a number of members in the team who had already dedicated years to the technology. The self-driving technology was tested with the Toyota Prius along the freeways in California.

In 2012, the team tested the development with Lexus RX450h. They had covered over 300, 000 miles of the freeway. In 2014, the new prototype vehicle designed to be fully self-driving was launched.

The engineers aim to produce self-driving cars, designed to sense objects as far as "two football fields away” in all directions.

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