A fisherman in Palawan has kept what might be the world’s largest natural pearl for 10 years until it was turned over to the Puerto Princesa Tourism Office on Aug. 21. The 34-kilogram giant pearl was hidden under his bed served as his lucky charm, unaware that the gem could be worth as much as $100 million (P4.63 billion).

Here are the three fast facts about the giant pearl.

1. The giant pearl was found more than a decade ago when the fisherman was out fishing in Palawan waters.

According to Aileen Cynthia Amurao, a tourism office at the province, the giant pearl was discovered by a man more than ten years ago when he was out fishing.  His boat’s anchor caught on the giant clam and he had to swim down to dislodge the clam where he found the giant pearl. Unaware of its value, the fisherman and his family regarded the pearl as a lucky cham, Palawan News reported.

Amurao, who also happens to be the fisherman’s relative whose name was not disclosed, has been entrusted with the pearl early in 2016 when a fire claimed the owner's house. It was Amurao, with the permission of the fisherman, who turned the giant pearl to the city government to serve as a tourist attraction.

2. The pearl could outpace the current Guinness record holder, Pearl of Lao Tzu.

If proven of its authenticity, the giant pearl would strip the Pearl of Lao Tzu, aka the Pearl of Allah, off its title as the world’s largest natural pearl. The 6.5 kg pearl was discovered by a diver in Brooke's Point, Palawan in 1934. It was then priced at $93 million (P4.31 billion) in 2003 by Michael Steenrod, a Colorado Springs gemologist or pearl expert.

Amurao took to social media to call for gemologists to help verify and appraise the gigantic pearl.

3. Locally dubbed as the “Perlas ng Puerto,” the giant pearl was made available for public viewing.

The pearl was presented for public viewing on Aug. 22 at the Puerto Princesa City Hall. The giant pearl was dubbed as the “Perlas ng Puerto” (Pearl of Puerto). The locals hope that the discovery of the pearl could attract more tourists to the city. The Guardian estimates the pearl to be worth as much as $100 million (P4.63 billion).

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