British pop singer-songwriter George Michael died alone on Christmas morning at the age of 53. His boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz recalled that he discovered him lying peacefully in bed as he went to his home in Oxfordshire on Sunday.

George Michael died alone on Christmas

According to Fawaz, a celebrity hairdresser, he was supposed to pick up Michael at his home to go for Christmas lunch. He said that they had been planning to spend the day together and that Michael was looking forward to Christmas.  The stylist, who had been with the music icon since 2011, said that things had been very complicated recently until everything is ruined.

Goring-on-Thames neighbors mourn loss of famous resident

Neighbors near his Mill Cottage home in Goring-on-Thames, near Oxford, paid tribute outside the Mill Cottage home of Michael in Goring-on-Thames, with flowers and love letters flooding in his doorstep. According to them, the “Last Christmas” singer had become less visible in recent years and was rarely seen out and about. They also claimed that the last time he was seen was watching the torchlight procession on Christmas Eve from his window.

He battled a heroin addiction

Recent reports revealed that over the past year, the Grammy award winner had been battling a heroin addiction. A source revealed to the Daily Telegraph that the 53-year old had been treated in hospital for a drug overdose. It can be recalled that Michael Lipman, Michael’s manager claimed that the latter died of cardiac arrest, a common cause of death among heroin users.

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He had unfinished projects

Following his death, news that Michael was filming a documentary emerged.  In his last Facebook post, the former “Wham!” singer disclosed that he was busy putting the finishing touches to the project which was due to air in March 2017. The documentary, titled “Freedom” covers a five-year period in his life and was supposed to be part of his comeback in the limelight next year.

In December, it was also announced the singer was working on a new album with producer Naughty Boy. It was also reported that he had already written several tracks for the follow-up to “Symphonica” in 2014.

2017 was supposed to mark the pop icon’s return to the spotlight, however, a surprising turn of events had him cap off the year wherein a number of music icons succumbed to death.

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