Facebook (FB) launched the Journalists Certificate on Monday as part of its Journalism Project. The Facebook for Journalists Certificate is a curriculum designed in cooperation with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. Read on to learn more about it.

Three Fast Facts About The Facebook For Journalists Certificate:

1. Facebook and Poynter Institute team up to create free online courses designed for journalists.

The Facebook For Journalists Certificate is offered as a three-course curriculum to assist reporters in utilizing Facebook and Instagram in researching, writing articles and engaging with followers. 

"You can’t do journalism these days without Facebook," FB reported Poynter Institute vice president Kelly McBride as saying. "It’s a privilege to team up on this definitive guide for journalists."

2. The curriculum includes journalistic guidance from Poynter and tips from Facebook.

Aside from these, the curriculum for journalists also includes case studies and product knowledge. According to FB, it will ensure that journalists fully understand how to use the platforms and products that the social media giant offers. These courses will be updated regularly as new products, case studies, features and learnings are introduced.

"The information contained in these courses is fundamental to reporting and distributing the news." McBride added.

3. A certificate of completion will be given to course enrollees that pass the written assessment by Poynter.

Poynter designed a final assessment to test Facebook For Journalists Certificate course enrollees on their curriculum proficiency. They will receive a certificate of completion that is recognized by Poynter and Facebook, via the e-learning system Blueprint.

After completing the courses, journalists are encouraged to join the Facebook News Media and Publishing group to give their feedback. This includes asking questions about FB's products, suggesting new courses, sharing best practices for journalists on Facebook, connecting with industry colleagues and learning about product updates as well as case studies.

Facebook Journalism Program

FB introduced the Journalism Project on Jan. 11. It is meant to support news literacy and journalism by providing a hub for publishers and journalists to share stories as well as learn. It has three pillars, which are: Collaborative Development of News Products, Training and Tools for Journalists and Training and Tools for Everyone.

Aside from the Facebook For Journalists Certificate program, the Facebook Journalism Project will also provide training courses in nine languages. Plus, the social media company will make CrowdTangle free to partners as well as increase its commitment to the First Draft Partner Network. The latter will help verify eyewitness reporting from all over the world. This is all part of the company's effort to promote news literacy and to identify and reduce fake news.

  What do you think of the Facebook For Journalists Certificate? What about the Facebook Journalism Project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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