Facebook (FB), which has long been pestered with online fake news, is taking more steps to improve its reputation as a source of reliable news and information. The social media giant introduced on Wednesday, a new development titled “Facebook Journalism Project,” which aims to forge stronger ties with news organizations and journalists.

Here are three ways how Facebook can soon be fake news-free through Facebook Journalism Project:


1. The Facebook Journalism Project promotes journalism and news literacy

In a statement, Facebook said the project is designed to serve as a hub for promoting and supporting journalism on the platform. The program aims to establish stronger ties with the news industry, collaborating with news organizations, journalists, publishers and educators to develop products that will equip readers with the knowledge they need.

2. It provides training and tools for journalists

The Mark Zuckerberg-led firm also envisions the project to provide training and tools for journalists, which includes partnering with Poynter to launch a certificate curriculum for journalists in the coming months. Facebook will also offer training for local newsrooms with the help of several news organizations they are collaborating with.

Apart from training, the company is also developing more tools to help journalists use Live more efficiently to report and discover news as it happens.  The company is also looking forward to enabling the use of professional equipment when journalists go Live and as well as promote eyewitnesses as a source of powerful and important sources of breaking news.

3. It educates readers

In addition, the project will also launch educational materials for regular users to help them make smart choices about the news. It will also involve third-party organizations which will contribute in promoting news literacy both on and off the platform to help the community have the information to decide which sources to trust.

All these goes hand in hand with the continued efforts to curb news hoaxes on the platform. Through this project, Facebook will likely soon become a fake news-free social media platform, creating a healthy news ecosystem where journalism can thrive.

Learn more about the Facebook Journalism Project here.

What do you think of the Facebook Journalism Project? Do you think it will help the site become fake news-free soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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