Facebook may finally consider adding the most-requested Dislike button into their features. However, for those who have been clamoring to use a thumb down, it’s sad to say that the button will only appear on Messenger and not on the status threads, should the test becomes successful.

Facebook tests Dislike button

The Mark Zuckerberg-led company has long argued that a Dislike button would only add too much negativity to the platform. It is the reason why when Facebook added the Reactions feature in 2016, the Dislike button was noticeably absent. But apparently, it has not ignored user requests for one.

A report from The Independent claims Facebook rolled out a trial feature for the Dislike button on Messenger to a small number of people. The feature will run similarly like the Reactions feature which can be found in the news feed.

The Reactions feature is a set of emojis that expanded the erstwhile Like button. Aside from the thumbs up, it also includes emojis for Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. It instantly became a hit, with over 300 billion reactions sent shortly after it was introduced.

Dislike button on Messenger

With the ongoing test being restricted to Messenger, a Dislike button between friends would be more harmless than it would be on the News Feed. The company, which has been declining the calls for the feature, fears it will promote negativity and may be used as a tool for bullying. The test will determine how the feature will fare among users.

Additionally, the social media network has been making great efforts to push its messaging application as a stand-alone service and the feature could further affirm Messenger’s independence. At the same time, the feature could also be a stepping stone to add more reactions to Facebook itself.

With these suggestions, Facebook will either use the test to roll out the new reactions on Messenger to further spur the differences between Facebook and Messenger experiences or as a launch pad to expand the Reactions feature on Facebook.

What do you think of Facebook testing the Dislike button on Messenger? Are you looking forward to use a thumb down on Facebook itself? Let us know in the comments section below.

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