The largest of DrupalCon gatherings for 2017 is almost here. This open source community designers, strategists, editors, translators, strategists, developers and more tend to come together for various sessions and meetings on a fairly regular basis. However, nothing gets bigger than the DrupalCon event in North America. This time around, the event will take place in Baltimore. Here's what you can expect from the upcoming five-day event:

You can expect to learn more from training courses

All throughout DrupalCon Baltimore, you will be able to attend a series of training courses that are classified as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Certification. Among the Beginner courses is one aptly entitled "Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal." This is the perfect class to start with if you are new to DrupalCon.

During this course, you will be schooled on the all the key concepts that you need to understand in order to be able to navigate and use a Drupal site. At the same time, you will also be able to learn how to build a Drupal 8 site. This includes content, user organization, modules and themes. 

The price of the training is not included in a regular DrupalCon ticket. Regular ticket rate for training is $500 (approximately P25,182.50) but until March 24, you can take advantage of an early bird training rate of $450 (approximately P22,664.25). Every training comes inclusive with a light breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. 

There are session tracks to attend on a diverse array of topics

If you are not into training courses, you may want to join the various DrupalCon session tracks instead. There are as much as 161 sessions available and they cover a wide array of topics. These include Being Human; Business; Coding and Development; Core Conversations; DevOps; Drupal Showcase; Front End; Hands-On Lab; Horizons; PHP; Project Management; Site Building; Symfony and UX/Content Strategy. 

Of all the sessions available, as much as 47 percent of them will include a "new-to-DupalCon speaker." DrupalCon also said that you can expect "voices from over 90 companies" during these session tracks. 

It's best to avail of your tickets as soon as you can 

Until March 3, DrupalCon is offering an early-bird ticket rate of $450. After this date, you will still be able to buy tickets at a regular rate of $550 (approximately P27,700) until March 24. If you happen to want to purchase your tickets later than this date, however, you can still purchase a ticket for $600 (approximately P30,219) until April 22. After this date, you will be able to purchase a ticket onsite for $650 (P32,737.25).

DrupalCon Baltimore will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center from April 24 to 28. For more information, visit

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