Disney Parks tickets in the US will go up to as much as $5 (approximately P250) starting Sunday. Yes, it's true. A ticket to the "Happiest Place On Earth" is about to get more expensive. This reflects an increase of around 4.9 percent. 

"Our pricing provides guests a range of options that allow us to better manage demand to maximize the guest experience and is reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all of our parks," The Associated Press (AP) reported Disney spokesperson Suzi Brown as saying in a statement. 

At Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida, the price of a regular ticket will go up from $110 (approximately P5,495) to $115 (approximately P5,745). Meanwhile, the peak price of $124 (approximately P6,194) will remain unchanged throughout high traffic summer days and holidays. The Magic Kingdom is reportedly the world's most attended theme park today, according to Bloomberg.

On the other hand, the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California will increase its regular, single-day ticket price by $5 to $110. Meanwhile, the peak price at the park is now similar to the Magic Kingdom at $124. 

Walt Disney Company Parks annual passes, parking up

At the same time, the price of a Deluxe annual pass for California Disneyland will also go up slightly from $599 (approximately P29,923) to $619 (approximately P30,922). On the other hand, the price for the Signature Plus, Signature, and Premier annual passes will remain unchanged.  

Disney World packages

At Walt Disney World in Florida, prices are also set to increase when it comes to its annual passes. The price for a Platinum Pass is now up by $30 (approximately P1499) to $779 (approximately P38,915). At the same time, the Platinum Plus pass will now cost $869 (approximately P43,411), marking a $40 (approximately P1,998) increase. Meanwhile, the price of parking has also gone up in both Disneyland and Disney World. Premium parking passes are now $40, up from its former price of $35 (approximately P1,748). On the other hand, Disney patrons may be relieved to know that the Premier Passport, something that can get visitors to Disneyland and Disney World all year round - remains priced at $1,439 (approximately P71,885). 

More expensive ticket prices are still value for money

Despite the price increases, Disney assures the public that the parks still offer great value for money. "If you compare our pricing to other forms of family entertainment - from football games to golf events to ski passes, major concerts - we offer a great value for the money. Guests can enjoy a full day of entertainment (up to 16 hours) when at Disney Parks," CNN reported a Disney company spokesperson as saying in a statement.

According to its first quarter earnings report for fiscal 2017, the revenues for Disney's Parks and Resorts went up by six percent to $4.6 billion (approximately P229.8 trillion). An increase in guest spending drove the revenues higher. This was mainly due to higher ticket prices and average hotel room rates, aside from increased food and beverage spending.

What do you think of the increase in ticket prices at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in the US? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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