The "Destined To Be Yours" episode on Wednesday brought together the characters of Sinag Obispo (Maine Mendoza) and Benjie Rosales (Alden Richards) on a road trip. Read on to learn more about it.

"Destined To Be Yours” Spoiler Alert. This article contains more "Destined To Be Yours" spoilers. Read on at your own risk if you have not watched the latest episodes.

Sinag also known as DJ Sunshine, was compromised to come with Benjie to do an ocular visit for a company outing in Batangas. This was requested by her radio station manager and present girlfriend of Benjie, Trish Villanueva (Thea Tolentino). Trish was supposed to go to Singapore to attend a seminar,  so she needed a replacement to oversee the company outing.

Clueless Trish

Trish had no idea that DJ Sunshine was also Sinag, the past love interest of her boyfriend Benjie. Trish told DJ Sunshine to look after Benjie while she was away. She even asked DJ Sunshine to be her guard dog so Benjie won’t have the chance to see Sinag.

In the previous episodes of the GMA Kapuso’s hit TV series “Destined To Be Yours,” Trish was determined to find out who Sinag was. Trish even followed Benjie to catch him if he would be seeing his past love. Meanwhile, Sinag (DJ Sunshine) decided to meet with Benjie to have closure. Trish almost caught them but Sinag managed to hide.

In the last episode, DJ Sunshine attempted to tell Trish about her past relationship with Benjie. She didn’t want to hide anything from Trish, knowing that she became her friend already.  But she was not given the chance to tell it to Trish because of the former's busy schedule. DJ Sunshine ended up accompanying Benjie to do an ocular visit in a Rosales resort in Batangas.

Road trip rules

DJ Sunshine stated some rules to Benjie before they could proceed with their road trip. The first rule she gave was that Benjie shouldn’t talk to her. Second, Benjie should never touch or be near her. Third, Benjie shouldn’t look, smile and talk to her. The last rule was that Benjie should never mention her name. DJ Sunshine told Benjie that Trish didn’t know anything about them. She pointed out that unlike Benjie, she wasn’t used to outwitting anyone.

DJ Sunshine told Benjie that she would tell Trish everything when they returned from the ocular. At the start of their travel to Batangas, DJ Sunshine wouldn’t talk to Benjie. Meanwhile, Benjie intentionally made drastic car stops to get the attention of DJ Sunshine. DJ Sunshine got pissed off and opted to commute instead. But she was unable to find a transportation. She ended up riding with Benjie again.

Benjie's car breaks down

The "Destined To Be Yours" episode on Wednesday ended with a teaser showing Benjie’s car breaking down. DJ Sunshine and Benjie were stranded in an unknown place while the rain started to pour down. Trish and DJ Sunshine’s family were trying to contact them but to no avail. Whether or not DJ Sunshine and Benjie's predicament would turn out well is something to watch out for in the coming episodes of the TV series.

"Destined To Be Yours" is a romantic-comedy drama series by GMA Entertainment TV. The phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, aka AlDub, are the lead actors of the show. The series started airing on Feb. 27 under the direction of Irene Villamor.

What do you think of the Sinag and Benjie's road trip in the "Destined To Be Yours" April 12 episode? Will this help to settle their past misunderstanding or cause more troubles for them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

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