An online petition to suspend the Facebook page of celebrity blogger Mocha Uson has been criticized by some concerned netizens saying it infringes on Uson’s freedom of speech.

Anti-Mocha Uson petition

The appeal to suspend Mocha Uson Blog Facebook Page which was started by a certain Paul Quilét on the online petition platform,, has already gathered more than 30,000 supporters as of Tuesday afternoon since it was posted over the weekend.

The petition claims that Uson, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, “uses her Facebook page to spread fictitious/unsupported claims, fake news, and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines.” According to Quilét, the blog widens the rift between those who support the current administration and those who are critical of it.

 Petition ‘infringes freedom of speech’

However, some criticized the petition, saying it infringes on Uson’s freedom of speech, Rappler reported. The critics pointed out that instead of calling for the suspension of Uson’s page, the petitioners should instead correct any information they perceive to be misleading or erroneous.

Medical anthropologist Gideon Lasco, who was among those who commented on the petition, said in a Facebook post that Uson is entitled to her own opinions, but not to her own facts; and the best way to fight misinformation is to address, not to suppress it. Lasco, also a licensed physician, is known for his opinions on the current issues. He recently wrote an open letter to President Rodrigo Duterte which proliferated in the Internet.

For his part, social media user Gibby Gorres wrote a few advices on Facebook of the things critics can do instead of petitioning for the suspension of the Uson’s page. He said that people should engage “gullible Facebook friends” in a nice way and call them out when they share fake new stories. He stressed that everyone should protect freedom of speech at all costs and promote the responsible use of social media.

Other social media users have echoed the same sentiment saying that even they disagree with Uson, they are not supporting the petition to take down her Facebook page.

Below are some of the reactions from Twitter users.

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