“Bubog” independent film director Arlyn dela Cruz has written out actor Ping Medina out of the movie after fellow actor Baron Geisler pissed on his torso and face while filming a scene for the movie. The latter had earlier been cast out of the movie, as stated in a Facebook post by dela Cruz.

Ping Medina written out of "Bubog"

In a lengthy Facebook post, dela Cruz wrote that she has also removed Medina out of the film to give him time to rest and recover from the trauma he is going through. She said that she will reshoot the scene as intended, but with the original actors.

She explained that both were only a replacement to the actors originally cast for the scene. However, due to scheduling conflicts, she was not able to recruit the two, until now that they are ready and free to take the roles.

The director thanked Ping and hoped that the experience will make them stronger individuals.

“Thank you, Ping. You gave me Efren Aguilar until the last second of that scene. With or without that betrayal on the set, I’d like you to know that you owned the character,” dela Cruz wrote on Facebook.

“Years from now, perhaps we will view that scene together with popcorn and drinks, and look back on how that experience had made us stronger as individuals,” she added.

PAMI sanctions Geisler, dela Cruz

The Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) has imposed sanctions on Sunday on Geisler and dela Cruz, in relation to the incident. The decision was made after the group received a complaint from Medina, who accused former-matinee idol Geisler of urinating on him while shooting a scene for the film, The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

PAMI also received a complaint against dela Cruz from Geisler’s talent manager and member, Arnold Vegafria, who questioned the capacity of the director to exercise control and assume full responsibility on the set that could have prevented the incident from happening. The organization has called on its artists not to work with Geisler and not to accept any projects from dela Cruz.

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Medina vented out his anger on Facebook on Nov. 28 after Geisler peed on him on the set of "Bubog.” Geisler has since apologized to both parties, but maintained that he warned Medina that he would go off-script.

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