As we celebrate National Women's Month, Asian Institute of Management (AIM) chief executive officer (CEO) Jikyeong Kang is making it clear that she believes there need to be more women taking on leadership roles in the business sector. She also noted that while there are more women in leadership roles nowadays, there is still less when it comes to senior leadership. This, she believes, needs to change. 

Women still lack roles in top management

"As a country, we're very good in producing women leaders. however, when you go to the top, the senior management or C-level, I think we can do a lot better," Entrepreneur reported Kang as saying in a recent report. The truth is, Kang is not alone in this view.

Research says that it will take till 2060 for women to reach parity with men in the workplace

According to a report from nonprofit women's organization Catalyst, women had only held 24 percent of the senior roles available across the world in 2016. This was also just a slight increase from the percentage of senior roles that women held back in 2011. At the same time, as much as a third of all global businesses did not have women in their senior management roles. This has not changed at all since 2011. 

In Australia, women only represented 37.4 percent of all the managers in Australia from 2015 to 2016. Meanwhile, in Canada, the number is slightly less with women only accounting for 35.1 percent of all managers and 31.8 percent of senior managers in 2015.
At the rate these trends are going, it seems that women will no be able to reach parity with their male counterparts until 2060. 

Back in AIM, Kang said their current mix of students not so bad. "The balance is not bad, actually. I would say 40:60, 40 are women, " she explained. However, she also admitted that it could use a bit more improvement. "I wish it were the other way around. The world will be a better place."

Kang happens to be the first woman president of AIM. She has held the post since 2015. And today, she is preparing to make several changes with AIM to address the needs of its growing population. This includes new buildings as well as new graduate degree programs that are currently for approval. With all these changes coming soon, it is also hoped that more women will stand at the top of the corporate ladder in the near future.

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